David has helped hundreds of organizations over the years in their pursuit of growth through public awareness. His many connections (David is known as "the man with the golden rolodex") and his years of experience in planning and publicity make him the one to go to for your business.

Dr. Azar Plastic SurgeryNot just non-profits, but professionals looking to reach more people to grow their practice, like Dr. Kouros Azar, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Thousand Oaks, California. (Click the photo to visit his website) Dr. Azar is one of the recent additions to David's ever-growing list of clients.

He also has consulted for The Solana Beach Presbyterian Church in Solana Beach, The Mother Goose Parade in El Cajon, High Hopes for Brain Injured in Irvine, Photocharity at Anthology in San Diego, Pancreatic Cancer Golf Tournament in Phoenix, Sickle Cell Disease in Los Angeles, Circle of Friends in Escondido, The Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation in Carlsbad and four 5K Walks for The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and The Inland Empire.

David and the “real” Erin Brockovich.  
DAVID HONORED On November 8, 2009, David was honored with the First Annual David Mirisch Lifetime Achievement award from a San Diego based non-profit called Photocharity. Over 200 people attended a dinner and show at Anthology Club. David is on the Board of Directors and has helped them raise over $1,500,000 to help take care of the 1,600 teenagers who sleep on the streets every night in downtown San Diego. Funds raised go to The Storefront which is a shelter in the Hillcrest District. Each year a new person will be selected that has done the most in the San Diego area to help homeless teenagers.  

"Leave it to Beaver" stars Tony Dow (Wally Cleaver) and Jerry Mathers (Beaver Cleaver) at a recent City of Hope function with Summer and David Mirisch.



The need to raise money for schools is an ongoing effort that David and celebrities alike, agree is important. Often times David consults with the Athletic Directors and Development Directors to show them how they can raise many of the required funds through the production of a celebrity non profit event. In his career, he has produced over 500 celebrity basketball games, bowling tournaments and softball games at schools throughout Southern California to help them meet their financial needs.

David the Humanitarian – David has had a collection of over 100 miniature horses that he has collected from his travels all over the world. It even won a prize for “collectables” at the annual Del Mar Fair. He decided it was time to share them with someone else. The picture above shows David donating them to the kindergarten class of The Classical Academy in Escondido. David had fun that day and so did the children.  


Missoula (Montana) Children’s Theatre. April, 2012

David is shown with the cast members of the local production of “West Side Story,” a feature film that was produced by his uncles that won 12 Academy Awards including “Best Picture of the Year.” David was able to get photographs signed by five of the stars of the film that he presented to the performers on opening night.



David has lectured at numerous fundraising workshops, expos and non profit meetings to show organizations an alternative to their typical charity events. He explains to them how he can save them money on their logistics while making them money through exposure, increased ticket sales and auction items. He also helps them see the power and excitement that celebrities can bring to a fundraising event.

David has also acted as Master of Ceremonies and as Auctioneer (although not a professional auctioneer) at many events as a free service. He has managed to raise thousands of dollars by incorporating his celebrity guests in the auction process for a number of organizations.

David has had the pleasure of speaking to college communications and Public Relations classes around Southern California. With his background of 30 years as a publicist in the entertainment industry and an event coordinator, he has much to offer in respect to being a small business owner thriving in a large industry and what it takes to accomplish what he has in his lifetime.

David speaks at various meetings  



David Mirisch has produced golf tournaments in Singapore and Jakarta, a cycling event in China, a tennis tournament in Japan, Ecuador and Mexico, ski events in Canada and a fishing event in the Bahamas. In all of these instances, he has always brought recognizable celebrities to these foreign countries to help raise money for non-profit organizations overseas. His travels have involved:
  • Japan - The Royal Family
  • Malaysia - The King of Malaysia
  • Ecuador - The President
  • State of Jalisco - The Governor
  • Bahamas - Prime Minister
David and one of the biggest stars on daytime television: Joseph Mascolo. For 18 years he played the role of "Stefano DiMera" on "Days of Our Lives."