Please fill out the following questionnaire to better help us fulfill your fundraising and event coordinating needs:

Name of Organization:

Contact Person:
Do you have a 501-C-3?
By what date do you need to raise your money by?
Do you have a board of directors?
If so, how many are on your board and what professions are they in?
How many people can you call on to help out on your fundraiser?
What is the population of your community and the surrounding area?
What fundraising events did your organization do in the past one year?
Does your group presently do any fund-raising events and if so, what kinds of events are they?  How much money have you brought in on these events in the past?
Do you have any fund-raising events presently set up for this year? If so, what is the event and the date that you have selected?

Select as many topics as you like,
Advertisements & PR Firm
Public Speaking
Public Relations & Promotion
      Other (put other topics in comment box, below)

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